Our solutions

Middle management

1. Start: Meeting between the client and the consultant to understand the parameters of the project.
2. Job: Getting the job description and understanding the culture of the company to better get the search aligned.
3. Search: Throughout our database, consultants networking and social media tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter.
4. Update: We keep open communication with our client to explain step by step our project.
5. Phone interview: A small phone interview with killer questions to bottleneck the candidates that are going to face to face interview.
6. F2F interview: An extensive face-to-face interview to know the candidate’s background, professional evolution, achievements, behavioral skills, soft skills, motivation, availability and financial motivations.
7. References: We will take 3 professional references for previous employers of the candidate.
8. Short-list report: The selected candidates for the short-list will be presented with a report of all the interviews as well as a S.W.O.T analysis.
9. Interview management: We will schedule interviews between candidate and client and debrief the candidate about the company.
10. Offer stage: We will be the link between candidate and client to better understand and help the candidate to analyze the client’s offer.
11. Follow-up: We want to know the candidate’s progress in customer business as well as their satisfaction.

Executive search

Executive Search is the division of Expert Recruitment dedicated to the recruitment and selection of direction profiles exclusively, offering a unique service through the best-specialized headhunters.

Our team develop their specialized form of activity in the areas of IT, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and Finance. We have more than 50 years of experience and 2,000 selection processes successfully closed.


The beginning
– We draw the recruitment strategy of the candidates and select the most appropriate tools. Then, we prepare a list of companies in the sector as a potential market for direct search, activate our network and filter our extensive database.

During the process
– We analyze the professional and personal perspectives of pre-selected candidates through interviews and skills, a combination of our unique assessment tests and an exhaustive list of references. We share the results through a detailed report that includes the valuation of our finalists, market data and selected post.

The end of the process
– We manage the interviews with the candidates in order to transmit them the values and company details. We participate in the negotiation, the closing process and incorporate the role of intermediary between the client and the candidate to ensure a successful integration.

After the process
– To end the selection, we like to confirm that their integration is in line with the deadlines and established methods.

We offer confidence and assurance of the selected profile, with accuracy and confidentiality that characterizes our multinational group.


Selection methodology and/or evaluation to analyze the qualifications or skills of the candidates.

We conduct individual or group interviews, to evaluate skills and behaviors, along with our evaluation system, which allows users to manage and create events tailored to our customers’ needs.


This service consists of the publication of an advertisement according to the customer’s request on the various Adecco platforms, and subsequent submission of applications to the customer. With the international presence of the Adecco Group, the publication will have a range that will allow knowing a high number of candidates available in the market.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

RPO is the outsourcing of one or more selection processes. This service takes responsibility for the implementation and management of the processes on which work to increase its efficiency, where the Adecco Expert Recruitment implements a dedicated structure and highlights a consultant who will work exclusively for the company.

The advantages

Cost reduction
The customer will have no spending on hiring, recruiting external sources of management neither in the assessment tools. Thanks to the Adjust methodology we will optimize the RPO process, improving their efficiency and improvement transferred to savings for the customer

Our recruitment tools (employer brand, multi-posting, BD, e-preselect, etc…) ensure that we attract all talents available, increasing the number of eligible candidates. We also manage to identify areas for improvement and implement action plans that result in process optimization.”